The answer is no

This is a follow-up to my article which can be found here

I was speaking to someone about the spending review recently announced by the bastard child of politics the CON-DEM coalition or should I say attrition party.  As is the case with the majority of political zombies or sheeple out there.


His views were against the poorest in society (which he is one of but like most false consciousness zombies does not realise) we then went on to speak about the fast erosion of our civil liberties and rights to which he responded “well we’ve had our chance”

People find it strange that I feel strongly about  standing up for oneself and not being swept under the carpet and used by megalomania

Is it any wonder when people think that somehow “authorities” or people in power somehow own our rights and give us the scraps of them wherever or whenever they so wish ?


The complete opposite is true, our rights are unequivocally and completely our ‘s at birth from the first breath we draw untill the last.

Politicians are there to make sure our rights are upheld and not abused for political and financial gains.

Unfortunatley with zombie sheeple apatheicaly walking around like vegetables allow the persistant and constant abuse of our Human rights

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What is corruption ?

I just watched a fantastic interview on news night tonight.


They were discussing corruption in governments around the world and how it was defined.  Its funny how poor countries seem to get percived as corrupt while “1st world” countreis dont seem to get portrayed as such on western media.


One prime example would be the world-wide recession where bankers defrauded the entire world financial system sending it into a depression and get given taxpayers money to bail them out only for them to do it again and get more hand outs….


now to any reasonable person that would be classed as corrupt yet this is not the way it is portrait in the western media


Now lets say that a country like Venezuela were to do this then it would be blasted all over our TV screens and news papers as “corrupt government” swindling money from such and such….


Lest we forget the expenses scandal by british MP’s that have been stealing money from tax payers , but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a new phenomena as it has been going on since parliaments inception, and this is just the stuff we know about !!!


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Is there any hope for idiots?

no not me, Im a different kind of idiot 🙂

I recently had a conversation with someone I thought I knew fairly well, for one reason or another we got onto the subject of world politics and the like.

This person said something that made my jaw drop. The said that the reason why they struggle giving to 3rd world charities is that they do not have enough resources to feed there children therefore it is better for them to die of starvation then be helped.

I kept my composure and told them that why we would not do the same for children and disabled people in this country, why don’t we save ourselves the headache and cost and just let “natural selection” take its course. This person looked baffled by the logic and I helped him with thi answer by saying “Humanity, that’s why” I had been naive enough to think that racial prejudice had improved ever so slightly but have come to realise it has just gone underground.

I went on to touch on the subject about how 3rd world countries had been raped and pillaged for centuries and left disempowered  “give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach him to fish he can eat for a lifetime” and all that Jazz.. I couldn’t help but think I was wasting my breath .

I will sum up with the fact that you can easily find a solution to end all problems as long as you disembowel any notion or shred of humanity and compassion

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Study Diary For CCNA

Passed with flying colors !!!!!


Big key for me was not to do any study a week before the exam as I fried my brains :s

It hasnt sank in yet but Im sure it will at some point, one thing I did do was to prepare myself mentaly by seeing it not as an exam or anything overpowering as this is probably the number 1 mistake to make. I would say I went as far as to hold the exam in contempt for daring to challange me. I finished with 30 Minutes to go !!!

When people say if I can do it then so can you I usually say yeah yeah but in this case I can honestly tell you that if you stay focused and join a good site like you will have all the tools you need to bitch slap the exam 🙂

Below is the diary I used to pass:

I originally posted this on the fantastic CCNA & CCNP study site at forum, the guys there thought it would be a good idea to do a blog. This is my first attempt at one so please excuse the rough edges :/

Posted Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 6:20 AM
I have decided to write a daily study diary for the following reasons in no particular order:

1. Get structure to my day

2.Hold myself accountable to you guys (I work better under pressure, or the risk of ridicule )

3.possibly help others in the same situation as me (kevin ;P)

4.Track where I need to improve

I will post my progress daily (My exam is booked for this Sunday 12th Sept) I have been changing the date on a weekly basis because I just don’t feel ready and I forget things I learnt the previous day especially if I move on to another subject but I don’t want to spend too much time on one subject and round and round I go in circles.

I Joined this site years ago (maybe 5 or more as a normal member then as a platinum member) so I think I am even worse then Kevin !!!!

So I have decided to take the exam no matter what and if I fail then I should get a better idea of where I am, this is a big decision for me as money is a real issue but I’m sick of the exam hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles !!


List of tools I used:

Productivity Tools:

Egg timer (to keep to the 50m:10m:50m study stucture)

Simple egg timer

Rescue time (lol got to love the “none of your business” button)

Tracks how much time your spending on any one application (like facebook or twiiter) or even if your away from your desk !!
Day 1 07/09/2010 Start 12:00 break at 14:00-15:30

Well just finished the first day of my lead up to the exam on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised about the things I could never pick up before about OSPF trouble shooting and area types. Below is a summary of what I did up on OSPF theory and made notes (30 minutes) OSPF white papers from howtonetwork( 15 minutes)
3. Did ospf lab with 4 routers and multiple areas (1 hr 30 minutes)
4. Subnetting practice (20 Minutes)
5.Did another OSPF lab over frame realy including
-Troubleshooting & debugin adjacencys
-stub area
6. OSPF EXAM got 100 % (19 questions) OSPF Videos

went over the top with the first OSPFlab by doing:

– both clear text authentication and MD5
-ROuter ID / OSPF priority changes
– Changes LSA types NSSA etc
-Router summerisation with “summary address” you use on an ASBR.
-“area range” you use on an ABR.
-Hello timers and dead intervals

Started to get messy and eating up time but was useful to practice ospf trouble shooting commands (I used white papers to help with this 🙂

Feedback :
💡 Don’t go to deep into advanced areas and manage time better:idea:

Plan for Tomorrow:

1)Briefly Go over todays session
2)Do Eigrp Labs
3)Do Eigrp theory
4)Take test (is there one just for eigrp? could be good idea)
5)Watch Eigrp Videos
6)More subnetting hell

ANy feedback or advice on tinkering would be appreciated. One weak area I do have is the commands for security on the switches I just can’t remember those buggers fully ! I will do switching on Thursday

Bloody hell My arse is numb from sitting down all day


Day 2 08/09/2010 Start 10:30 break at 18:00:-19:45

(Ended up statying up untill 00:30 because I had to restart my frame-relay lab as the configs didnt save and my PC crashed :/)


I knew OSPF could get complicated but this is ridiculous, setting it up is easy enough but remembering all the “neighbor states”, “Network types”, “Hello timers” for adjacencies and that’s just scratching the surface.  My Original Plan was to briefly review what I learnt on day one so that I could spread my time amongst the topics I struggle with but before I knew it I had spent over 4 hours on OSPF again and whats staggering still learning stuff I had forgotten or new stuff !  THis just shows how vast the topic can be.

I will finish off by doing a lab on it again as I need to make sure I remember all the trouble shooting and verifying commands nailed for the exam (well actually I can remember them all but not what they are used for or which one is best to use for a given scenario, this is my weakness in all the labs)

Just thought I would mention that the best trouble shooting lesson I have ever come across for the CCNA exam can be found here :

I think you have to be a member to get at it but I also belive that Paul Browning has put it up on youtube as a 4 part series here is the first one :

Took a break just now, my friend took me out for dinner after he heard how long I was locked up fo, had a nice risoto 😛

Back now Im gonna finish off with some EIGRP labs and theory and maybe a test if Im not knackered.  Tomorrow is a switching day ! Bloody hate those annoing security commands


PC screwed up and wreked my frame relay lab, had to start from scratch …


Day 3  —–09/09/2010 Start 09:00 break at 13:30:-14:45  Finished 12:00 Midnight

Started a little earlier this morning because of last nights set-back with the lab crashing but at least I got to go over the frame-relay commands and troubleshooting with ospf on top.  This is good practice for the NBMA stuff and how to work around point-to-point networks when using OSPF on an NBMA with either the “ip ospf hello-interval” to match the hello and dead timers on the other ospf routers in the same area of adjacency” or by using the cool command “ip ospf netowrk non-broadcast” which changes the network type from point-to-point to non broadcast which matches the other neighbouring routers network types so that adjacancies can form

Its now 12:40 Im goign to go off for lunch in a bit, will be back to get cracking with the EIGRP labs and videos!

16:00 Went to lunch later than planned watched  finale part of ospf video while doing Labs. Still not hit EIGRP yet :/ got rest of today and tomorrow to go over NAT, switching & ACL’s !!! Gulp#

18:59– Phew just finished the last of the OSPF labs and videos, so many bloody commands to remember

Next up is :


Going to start with reading the theory in the books first (CCNA Simplified by Paul Browning

its now 23.12 and Im going to call it a night, very tires and need to get up early for more stud need to be fresh..

so much for that , I snuck in an EIGRP 3 router Lab with trouble shooting. Def going to call it a night now its 12:00, I cant feel my arse

Day 4 10/09/2010 Start 08:00


Early one today went straight onto the EIGRP Labs and Vids. Just a quick break to get a tea, didnt have much for breakfast as cant be bothered cooking so I just had 1 slice of peanut butter on toast and a bannan with a cup of rosey lee

Nearly finished eigrp which Im actually loving, what an awsome routing protocol, it just makes sense, its what OSPF should be ! It just feels like it makes you see the big picture.  It might be due to the fact there are allot less things to remember in comaprrison to OSPF (Areas,Area types, Router Types, LSA types, Network types to name but a few)

Okback to the last part of my labs and videos (trouble shooting EIGRP with auto-summary of discontigiouse networks and I may even throw in an ACL in there too , since I need to move onto them by the end of today If Im going to practice my switching security commands which I tend to forget.

I plan on using tomorrow and early part of sunday for trouble shooting practice as thats what I struglled with on the real exam when I first took it (it didnt help matters that the similators crashed but still before that happened I didnt really know where to start)


Well the last hour has been eaten up by my pc throwing a wobly and constantly freezing, this always happens just before exam dates …

Would you adam and eve it !!

My GF asked me what time my exam was on Sunday, I replied “umm 5pm I think” I wanted to give myself some time to go over some material that day before the exam.  I went into the pearsonvue website to check and my Jaw dropped, It was booked for last sunday 5th September !!!  ARGHHHHHHHHH.  Thats £145 down the bloody drain that I couldnt afford to pay in the first place!!

Well did some exams to drown my sorrows and went on a webinar at which ws about study stratagy and motivation which was really good.  I was also exited as this blog got a mentioned with a slide of it on the live webinar in order to motivate the viewers :p makes me feel a bit better.

Rebooked it for next available dat which is friday… well at least that gives me more time to nail the material as it was going to be a squeez considering I would have had today and some of tomoroow to squeeze in NAT, PAT, ACL’s, Switching which would have left me no trouble shooting lab time

Day  5/11/2010 Start 08:00

Couldnt sleep last night had OSPF areas and LSA’s swimming around in my head, one question that kept on creeping up is why dose ospf struggle with NBMA networks when EIGRP works so smoothly and doese not care if they are non broadcast or point-to-point etc… they both multicast etc..  Will look into this after the exam as I don’t want to get side tracked

Did allot of EIGRP labs and trouble shooting including labs and theory  over all 7-9 hours study

Day  6/12/2010 Start 16:00- gogin to call it soon

Today did:



Read “CCNA simplified” by Paul browning from & “CCNA Study guide” Sybex booksand watched videos– 2 Hours


4 hours Labs- NAT : Static, (dynamic and PAT which included a bit of simple ACL practice to refference the RFC 1918 private reserved addresses to the “inside global” addresses)

At one point I had them all workin on the same router at the same time ! then things started to get messy with routing because I was using a 3 router setup and couldnt work out why the inside global address could not reach the end to end, probably due to the fact my routing may have been off or the middle router needed to translate the address to something it was connected to ? hmmm

Also managed to do a bit more ssh practice, forgot I did some last night and to my surprise I remembered the commands pretty well but got the easy part wrong (you have to configure a domain name for it to work 🙂

Need to be more focused and work to a more ridgid planned structure or I will go off course. The plan for tomorrow is:

07:00 (yep thats right I must be hungry for it !!!)
1)PPP—50 Minutes (35 minutes theory15 Lab)
2)Break 10 minutes
3)Switching—50 Minutes theory(mainly security)
4)Break 10 minutes
5)Switching labs—50 minutes (emphesis on security)
6)IPV6——50 minutes (Read theory Watch Vids)
10 minute break
IPV6—– 50 Minutes (labs, Very week at this)



7)Subnetting— 20 minutes
8)Wireless——40 minutes(yeah I know, I hate it just a load of numbers that dont mean anything because its all crap ! but could be low hanging fruit in the exam)
10 minute break
9)OSPF theory—-50 Minutes (never ending, there is so much to remeber and yet so much more to forget !!)
10 minute break
10)OSPF labs—-30 Minutes
11)EIGRP theory—30 minutes
10 minute break
12) EIGRP Labs—30 minutes

Thats more than enough for one day I think :S

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